Our Wonderful Staff

Often called “the best kept secret in the San Francisco Bay Area” our dog boarding kennel is staffed with experienced, devoted dog lovers.  Supervised group play and individualized affection are their specialties, whether you are leaving your dog overnight or dropping off for doggie daycare.

Please read more about each of them here:


Danielle has been an employee at Anderson Acres since July 2012 and became the office manager in October 2015. She is from Rohnert Park and went to Rancho Cotate High School. In her free time, Danielle loves to take her 4 dogs (Murphy is an aussie mix, Raisin is a Papillon mix, Colby is a Chihuahua and Champ is a American Bulldog) to the beach or go hiking with them. She also loves drawing, watching SF Giants games, spending time with her family and going camping. Her favorite vacation/camping spot is Pinecrest Lake in the Stanislaus National Park, where her family has camped every summer since she was little. Her favorite breeds of dogs are Italian greyhounds, Whippets, American bulldogs, Bullmastiffs and Pit-bulls. Danielle’s favorite part about working at Anderson Acres is being able to spend time with the dogs and forming bonds with all of them.


Wink has been an employee since June 2003. Her hometown is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and she is a former marketing executive for various Silicon Valley Companies. She is married to Bill Crowell and they have two dogs; a Golden Retriever named Tucker and a cockapoo named Chipper. One of Wink’s greatest accomplishments is training service dogs to help people with their mobility impairments. In addition to working at Anderson Acres, Wink volunteers at the Assistance Dog Institute, The Sonoma County Humane Society, the Forget Me Not Farm and with the Sonoma County Master Gardeners. She also Captains the senior USTA tennis team at the Fountaingrove Golf Club. Her favorite vacations were an equestrian tour in Ireland, a riverboat cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam, and a photo safari to Botswana. Her favorite part of working at Anderson Acres is that she loves getting to know each dog individually and ensuring they enjoy their stay at camp.


Kayla has been an employee here from May 2010 - September 2013, and returned in August 2015. She is from Rohnert Park. In her time away from us, she attended UC Santa Barbara where she focused in Global Studies. She spent some of that time studying abroad in France where she also took trips to Italy. In her free time, Kayla loves to go camping, snowboarding, and hiking. She also loves to go to SF Giants games and take family vacations. She is very adventurous and has even gone skydiving! Her favorite breed of dog is the Vizsla, and at home she has a Treeing Walker Coonhound named Sadie. Her favorite part of working at Anderson Acres is giving all the dogs cuddles and watching the dogs excitedly reunite with their loved ones at the end of their stay.

Kelly has been an employee since August, 2016. Kelly grew up in Santa Rosa and graduated from Santa Rosa High School. Previous to working at Anderson Acres, Kelly spent 10 years working in the veterinary field. She started working as a kennel assistant and worked her way into the vet tech position, as well as front office. She exceled in patient care and dentistry. When Kelly is not working at Anderson Acres she enjoys doing leather work, specializing in floral carvings. She makes leather bags, purses, and other accessories, all by hand. In her free time, Kelly loves to be outdoors and goes on hikes with her American Bulldog, Enzo. She also loves sports and enjoys watching games with her family, especially when the Warriors or Giants are playing. Kelly loves working at Anderson Acres because she loves dogs and it allows her to work with them after leaving the veterinary field.


Natalie has been an employee since April 2012 and is from Rohnert Park. She is a graduate from Sonoma State University in 2015 with a BA in Sociology where she received the President’s Volunteer Service Award, and is considering going back to school to get her masters in social work. Natalie also works fulltime at the non-profit S.A.Y. as a Counseling Department Program Assistant. She works here on Sundays to get her doggie fix and her favorite part of the job is getting all of the puppy kisses. She has three dogs, a yellow lab Allie, and two chihuahuas Burrito and Balto. Her favorite breed of dogs is cattle dogs, and she absolutely loves all old dogs. In her free time Natalie does a lot of volunteering. Her senior year of college, she spent her spring break in Portland Oregon, working on hunger and homelessness with various shelters and non-profits there.


Nikki has been an employee since May 2014 and is from Sebastopol. She attended Santa Rosa Junior College and took courses in the Culinary Arts, History, Geography, Global Studies, Anthropology, and Foreign Language arts. Nikki lives on a family dairy farm with her husband Cameron and their fur babies - a Catahoula Hound named Rusty, and two tabby cats named Munchkin and Minnie. In her free time her main passion is to travel. She has been to Paris, Italy, Mexico, Canada and almost 40 states. Her favorite vacation was her and Cameron’s honeymoon in Australia in June 2015, where she got to swim in the Great Barrier Reef and cuddle with Koalas and Kangaroos. She also loves hiking, snorkeling, cooking, photography, arts & crafts, going to SF Giants games, playing soccer, and doing puzzles. She would love to start a food/travel blog and travel much more; her next dream vacations are to visit Cuba, Vietnam, Thailand, London, Spain, Africa and Utah. Nikki’s favorite part of working at Anderson Acres is forming connections with each and every one of the dogs. Her favorite breeds of dogs are Catahoulas, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, Cavaliers, Hounds, Aussies, and Bernese Mountain Dogs.


Sarah has been an employee since November 2015. She is from Denver, Colorado and moved to California with her husband. In her free time, Sarah enjoys jogging, writing, and drawing. She is very adventurous and has gone on many camping trips. One of her most memorable adventures that she took was in Colorado where she hiked up Mount Bierstadt, which is where she met her husband. Sarah’s favorite breeds of dogs are Heelers, Cattle Dogs, and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Her favorite part of working at Anderson Acres is cuddling with the puppies and watching them get excited when they are reunited with their owners at the end of their stay.

Caytlin has been an employee since July 2016 and is from Foresthill, California. During the summer of 2016 she moved from her hometown to Santa Rosa to attend the Veterinary Technician Program at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Caytlin’s favorite breed of dog is the Border Collie and her favorite part of working at Anderson Acres is getting to cuddle with all of the puppies.