Dog Daycare

Rusty, Stella, Banjo, Paloma, & Hank

Dogs play while owners are away!

Does your dog:

  • stay alone while you are gone during the day?
  • chew/destroy items in the house when you are not there?
  • annoy the neighbors while you are gone?
  • need a meal when you’re not there?
  • seem hyper when you get home?
  • get lonely when no one is home?
  • suffer from separation anxiety?

Dog Daycare is your answer.

Dog “parents” are typically active people.  They also have professional lives.  Only a few exceptional businesses allow employees to bring their dogs with them to work.  Even if the dog parents are fortunate enough to work from home, they still leave their offices to attend business meetings.

Then there are situations, besides work, that might require a temporary safe haven, away from home, for your dog.  Are you:

  • remodeling?
  • spring cleaning?
  • showing a home for sale?
  • having an exterminator visit?
  • having a party or event?
  • expecting visitors who might have pet allergies?

Dog Daycare is the solution.

Caution: Not all Dog Daycare situations are created equal.

You can be confident that Anderson Acres provides daycare that meets your dog’s needs … and yours.

Group PlayDog Daycare in Santa Rosa with group play and customized services.

Dogs are natural pack animals.  They like to be in groups.  These could be groups of people, or other dogs.  A happy healthy dog needs this type of stimulation.

Group Play has the following benefits for your dog:

  • natural exercise
  • burns extra energy
  • keeps them agile and flexible
  • socialization; dogs learn how to handle interactions with other dog personalities.
  • allows dogs to be part of the natural pack environment
  • provides mental stimulation
  • meet new pack members and get to know them.

Dog Screening/Testing

All dogs for daycare, or boarding, are carefully screened to ensure the safety of our group play areas and staff.  For screening, dogs and their owners are interviewed, and dogs are introduced to a few dogs of different temperament to see how they handle themselves.

Even with the most careful screening, dogs can be like children.  They get along for a while, but the occasional squabble will occur.  We take every reasonable precaution to prevent the rare squabble, but the risk of injury does exist.

We do not accept aggressive or non-social dogs.  For the safety of all animals and associates, and at the discretion of Anderson Acres, some pets may not be permitted.

Please call 707-588-8494 to schedule a screening prior to scheduling your dog’s first daycare visit.


Group play areas are controlled, monitored and chaperoned by our knowledgeable, gentle and attentive staff.

Large Outdoor Play Yards

Dogs love to run, chase, wrestle, hide, seek, carry objects, dig, climb, watch wildlife, cuddle, communicate, lounge, and more.

Large and small dogs are comfortable at this dog boarding kennel in Santa Rosa, where dog daycare / doggie daycare is provided.Dogs are grouped by size, temperament, and energy.  Footing varies from cement and gravel, to dirt and vegetation.  Surroundings are rural fields, farms, and serene country.

Being in a rural area provides interesting farm animals and wildlife for the dogs’ visual interest.  The area surrounding the kennel boasts a pond, wetlands, farm fields, wild grasslands, and pastures.  They might see llamas, horses, hares, frogs, and birds of all types, including ducks, hawks, Canada geese, vultures, and smaller varieties as well.  Cows even live next door.

Dog houses and safe large play structures are scattered throughout the play yards.  These provide tunnels, slides, climbing, tractor tires, play houses, hiding places, caverns, and more.

Weather Flexibility

Potter, the Scottish Terrier enjoying a cooling pool on a hot day at dog boarding kennel and dog daycare.For dry days there is lots of shade provided by umbrellas, large eucalyptus trees, and roofs.

When it is raining, dogs have play areas where they get to choose to be inside or outside.

When it is hot, out come the wading pools.  Dogs love to play in the water as we fill them for the warm parts of the day.  Then they enjoy taking turns standing, lying, or playing in the cooling water.

For cold days, the indoor area is heated and we have dog coats in all sizes.


Send your dog with a lunch that has your dog’s favorite treats or meal.  They can enjoy it halfway through the day.


Should your dog have any special medication requirements needed during the day, we can do that for you too.  Just bring your supplements or doctor’s prescribed medicine and we will administer it.

Nap Time

Part of your dog’s day will include a planned rest time half way through.  Dogs are separated for naps, enabling them to rest uninterrupted.


Our staff members adore dogs.  They are always on hand for petting, hugs, and cuddling.

Status Updates

Want to know how your dog is doing during the day?  Call us.  We are always delighted to speak with caring dog “parents”.

Senior Dog Citizens

One of the play yards is specially designed for the senior dog campers.  It is equipped with dog houses, and actual child beds for their lounging comfort.


Studies show dog daycare is healthy for your dog.  The more often they can enjoy the company of other dogs, the healthier they will be.  Plan regular daily, or weekly, visits for your dog as part of his regular routine.

Bath Optional

Want your dog to come home cleaner than he left?  While he’s at doggie daycare he can get a bath for an additional $35.00.

Dog baths are at an additional fee for dogs in daycare / doggie daycare.


Call us today at 707-588-8494 with questions or to make your reservations.

Then your dog will play while you are away.


Located in Santa Rosa, California, Anderson Acres serves the entire San Francisco Bay Area with the following services:

  • dog daycare / doggie daycare
  • dog boarding kennel
  • pick-up and delivery for dogs staying more than one night