Custom Services

Does your dog need extra care while you are gone?

In addition to daily fun and dog boarding care, our staff is available to provide the special services your dog may need while you are traveling.  These can include:

  • Vet Appointments

  • Physical Therapy Appointments

  • Administer Pills

  • Injections

  • Heartworm Treatments

  • Flea Medications

  • Hand Walks

  • Surgery Recovery

These are just a few of the custom services that can be provided as options during your dog’s time at Anderson Acres.

A qualified Vet Technician is on-hand to provide medical care for your pets.  Should your pet need extra Veterinarian care while you are gone, we can take them to their appointments.  Veterinary services are available near-by for any medical emergencies that should occur during your dog’s visit.

Custom service examples include:

Stanley’s Hydrotherapy

Stanley is a large, active Labradoodle, and a frequent camper at Anderson Acres.

Stanley’s people had to go out of town shortly after he had shoulder surgery.

Stanley needed to be kept quiet, which meant no group play.  Anderson Acres kept him in a special area where he could relax on comfortable beds and still see his friends, even if he couldn’t play with them.

However, hydrotherapy was prescribed for his recovery.  Stanley LOVES water and balls.  As you can see, he was able to enjoy the best of these two worlds during his therapy.

Anderson Acres took Stanley to and from his hydrotherapy appointments during his stay.

Stanley also needed special hand walking for his recovery.  Anderson Acres staff walked him daily in zig-zag patterns to help strengthen the shoulder muscles and tendons during his visit.

We are happy to report that Stanley has almost fully recovered from the surgery.

Dog Boarding Custom Care Services - Shots for Diabetes

Abby is diabetic and requires two shots per day.

Abby’s Shots

Abby is a black Labrador Retriever, who is also diabetic.

Abby requires two shots every day to control her diabetes.

Anderson Acres administers these shots, so Abby can relax and enjoy her time at “camp” while her parents are away.





  Special Needs Dogs

CosmoBlind Springer Spaniel, Cosmo, enjoys a relaxing lounge at Anderson Acres Canine Guest Ranch

Cosmo is blind.  He is a black and white Springer Spaniel who happily lives with his brother, Moxie, a brown and white Springer Spaniel.

When their people go out of town they leave with the confidence that their “boys” are safe and sound at Anderson Acres.  The large comfortable beds and special area for aged or disabled dogs provides the perfect space for them to relax and enjoy their time at “camp”.




Dog Boarding with custom services for aging or disabled dogs.



Molly is a yellow Labrador Retriever who happens to only have 3-legs.  When she visits Anderson Acres she enjoys the company of other dogs while she relaxes in the quiet area for aging or disabled dogs.






Dog boarding for puppies is available at Anderson Acres.


Puppies, Nayla and Yanni

Yes.  We board puppies.  Here are Nayla and Yanni, 10-week old German Shepherd puppies.

We love them, because we get to enjoy watching them grow up.  And if they aren’t ready for the big dogs, and are too rambunctious for the little dogs, we have special areas where they can enjoy playtime with other dogs their own size and activity level.




Dog boarding custom services - Tuk wears an e-collar.

Tuk, the Malamute, in his e-collar.




Tuk, the Malamute, has allergies and spends much of his time in an e-collar.  His allergies cause “hot spots” under his fur, making him itch.  The e-collar prevents him from licking and making the spots worse.  He is amazingly used to the collar and is still able to play and enjoy his vacation at Anderson Acres.






Special Care is given Ruby during dog boarding at Anderson Acres Canine Guest Ranch.

Ruby snuggling on the office bed.


Ruby is a beagle cross who is deaf.  Recently, her mom had to go out of town for the first time in many years.  Ruby was not used to being without her mom, so Anderson Acres kept Ruby in areas where she could see and be with humans most of her day.  Ruby felt more comfortable and staff got to enjoy her company.,



Will your dog need heartworm medication administered while you are gone?  Bring it along.  Tell us which day it needs to be given to your dog, and we will take care of it.

Time for flea treatment while you are away?  Bring it along.  Let us know when to apply it and we will take care of it.

Does your pet get regular medications or food supplements?  Bring them along.  Just make sure we have the medication and dosage information and we will follow your directions to maintain your pet’s health during their visit.

So if your dog needs special love and care we will try to accommodate them.  Anderson Acres is ready to be their home-away-from-home.

Call today to schedule your dog boarding reservation or doggie daycare.  707-588-8494.