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    The Malamute Squad


    Kaya, Tuk and Kimmie are all Malamutes. They have been coming to Anderson Acres for several years. Believe it or not they all live in the same household. Kaya is the smallest malamute she enjoys playing and eating. She will do anything for food or affection. She is the most outgoing of the group.┬áTuk is the largest malamute, he might be part Great Dane just look at that adorable face. He enjoys playing, playing playing and then he loves to rest and get pets from the counselors. Kimmie she loves to play she is the all white malamute mix. There hasn’t been a dog she can’t make play with her or chase her. She is the shyest of them all and enjoys her freedom. They are all a great asset to one another and make a perfect little family pack.

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