Holly, Homer and Chompers “The Basset Dogs”

Holly with Birthday Hat

Holly has been coming to Anderson Acres for 5 of her 7 years and has logged many miles around the play yard. A regular camper (two times a week for daycare plus boarding), Holly is one of our best yard monitors. She is very good at letting us know when dogs are misbehaving in the yards. Holly loves to join in on any party, whether it is a birthday for another camper or the Christmas party for the doggies. She even participates in the Annual “Basset Waddle” every Fourth of July. Holly got a pleasant surprise this past September, when her owners took her on a road trip to pick up her new brother Homer a 5 year old basset from a rescue organization in Southern California. Homer has settled in to camp life well and the two of them can usually be found cruising the Anderson Acres yards or lounging together on a comfy bed in the kennel.
A new addition to the Basset family has been added August of 2007. Chompers, another basset that was rescued, fits right into the family. She is six years old and really giving Holly and Homer a run for their money. Chompers enjoys playing at camp and crusing around the big dog play yard.

Holly the Basset Deer Holly & Homerbassets-002-2.jpg